The Club organises events for children under the age of 18 and, outside of organised events, permits children to play golf and use the wider facilities without parental supervision.

England Golf has promoted its SafeGolf initiative during the last 12 months and it is now a requirement of membership of the national body that Clubs adopt the policies and procedures defined by the initiative.

The first step for the Club was to appoint its Golf Welfare Officer, which is a role of some responsibility, ultimately tasked with ensuring that the Club’s processes and activities remain in line with the policies and acts as a point of contact for Children and Parents should concerns arise.

Lucy Sedgwick has assumed the role at Hoylake.

The links below take you to three documents that have been compiled for Royal Liverpool Golf Club after reference to the SafeGolf templates.

o Safeguarding, Children and Young People, Policy and Procedures (Mar 2021)

o Safeguarding, Adults, Policy and Procedures (Mar 2021)

o Club Welfare Officer - Lucy Sedgwick 

The policy wording for the Children and Young People document ends on Page 18 and the remaining 73 pages illustrate the standard forms and consents we will be using on a day to day basis to implement and maintain the SafeGolf approach. Likewise the Adult Policy finishes on page 11 and the supporting documents make up the following 11 pages.